COMBUSTION & AUTOMATION S.r.l. (hereinafter reported as C+A that is its trade-mark) is an engineering company. It was started in 1997 at Milan (Italy).

C+A can rely on a 30-year experience of its founders in the field of advanced combustion technologies and operates in the following fields:

•  Incineration plants for industrial waste of the chemical-pharmaceutical industry, the petrochemical industry, the     flexible packaging industry and for civil waste (hospital waste). Waste-to-energy plants with direct production of     electricity.

•  Low NOx industrial burners for non conventional fuels, also for multiple inputs.

•  Off-gas emission collecting nets to thermal or thermorigenerative combustors.

•  Thermorigenerative combustors for sulphurized and/or chlorinated off-gas, equipped with scrubbing systems and,     upon request, with separate injection systems for off-gas streams at high enthalpy of combustion.

•  Blanketing plants for industrial waste shredders with risk of explosion, by nitrogen or low oxygen fuel combustion     gases.

•  Automation of industrial combustion processes and of industrial processes in general, of Third Parties as well.


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