C+A develops its activity according to the following methodologies:

  1. Technical assistance to Customer for plant definition (type and scale)
  2. Assistenza al Cliente per le analisi degli input e l'elaborazione dei risultati
  3. Preparation of a feasibility study for the required plant, with delivery of plant sizing and turn-key budgetary price, including ROI
  4. Basic engineering and specific technical documentation for a plant Environmental Impact Evaluation procedure.
  5. Complete plant engineering
  6. Project management
  7. Procurement
  8. Supply of electric boards (power and automation)
  9. Site construction work management (when required)
  10. Plant commissioning
  11. Plant start up supervision

With small scale plants, as an alternative to engineering-only supply, C+A may propose the turn-key complete plant supply . With complex or medium-large scale plants, C+A normally proposes the plant supply under T.A.E.
(Temporary Association of Enterprises), with few suppliers of the major parts of the plant, which generally are Leaders on their areas.

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