A 3 stage evaporator + rotary hearth furnace + concentration tower, as for the ZAMBON     GROUP plant



NG specific consumption per Kg of waste:

Nm3/Kg 0.027

CO2 specific emission per Kg of waste:

Kg/Kg 0.154

Reduction of CO2 emission per Kg of waste:

% -70

Steam specific consumption per Kg of waste:

Kg/Kg 1

% steam to net with respect to combustion only

% +10

Note: data refer to a specific set of input

ZAMBON GROUP S.p.A. liquid and gaseous waste incineration plant Lonigo, Vicenza - Italy

    Waste-to-energy incineration plant for salty wastewaters (4 t/h) and off-gas (9,500 Nm3/h), both chlorinated. Retrofit of an existing plant, with introduction of a 4 t/h evaporator (2 stage forced recirculation + 1 stage crystallization), a rotary hearth furnace for the salts water HB solvents slurry and a concentration tower for the water BB solvents mixture (2002).
    Sections of the ZAMBON GROUP plant- Lonigo, Vicenza - Italy

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