ZAMBON GROUP S.p.A. Lonigo (Vicenza - Italy): example of a studied and then realized     plant



Vacuum evaporator 2 stage forced recirculation and 3rd stage crystallization supply of MESSO Italia (during plant erection). Capacity: 4 t/h of salty wastewaters. Production of a salt water HB solvents slurry, to be fed to a rotary hearth furnace, and of a BB solvents water mixture to enter a concentration tower and (the head product) a stationary furnace (plant realized after feasibility study in 2002).

Marked reduction of NG consumption ad halving the CO2 production per Kg of oxidized waste.
  Rotary hearth furnace (during assembling) for salt water HB solvents slurry combustion. The slurry (max. 500 Kg/h) is produced by the evaporator.
  Video-screen designed by C+A for the automation of ZAMBON evaporator (2002)
  Video-screen designed by C+A for the automation of the ZAMBON rotary hearth furnace (2002)

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